S1070001.01_04_08_02.Still0053 Rivers Chorale has been dedicated to presenting fine choral music to our communities for over ten years. First under the direction of Dave Marston, the Chorale sang madrigals and the Beatles in a memorable first concert in 2004. Since Kate Campbell took over in 2010 following Dave’s untimely death, singers in the Chorale have performed two or more concerts each year, in Grants Pass, Cave Junction and at Crater Lake National Park.


“Water Music” Concert Postponed

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The Honey Bee Choir for Kids was established in 2002 by director B Wishes as a private after-school music program for a handful of eager young singers in the Cave Junction area, and in the years since it’s inception has become a beloved tradition in several Southern Oregon communities.

Where “The Sound of Music” meets “School of Rock”, the unique program rehearses like a band and performs like a choir. The kids learn their vocal parts by ear, with only lyric sheets to read and B to back them up on guitar or ukelele.  They participate in choosing the songs and  working out the harmony parts, and are encouraged to explore their different vocal ranges and how it feels to be the soprano on one song and maybe the tenor on the next one. Or even step out and be the lead singer sometimes!

B Wishes is a life long veteran of stage and studio.  She is a prolific songwriter with seven CDs of original music to her credit, and her reputation as a guitarist and vocalist is well established in Southern Oregon and on the national level as well.  In addition to her solo shows, she performs with her original music trio “Top Secret”, the dance band “Mustard”, and recently joined the back up band for actor Jim Belushi.

Honey Bee Choir

From Our Director

by Kate Campbell

I come from a long line of fishermen and women. Grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, aunts and uncles…..all Oregonians who were passionate about native salmon, steelhead, and trout. My father was a fisheries biologist who worked all his life for the Oregon State Fish and Wildlife Department. He knew fish inside and out, and especially loved the wild places where fish live. His work was to protect Oregon’s rivers and streams from pollution and destructive forestry practices, and to ensure free-flowing water for salmon’s access to 1000+ year old spawning habitats.  

Clean, plentiful water is of paramount importance to all of life on our planet. This brings us to why a choral director is talking about water.  

All of our music for our Spring concert (May 16 and 17, 2020) will focus on the 
subject of ………water! There is an amazing amount of quality music written in the past few centuries that have to do with water. A surprising number of contemporary songs of all genres are also in this group.  

Simultaneously, we will explore ways in which we humans can raise our awareness of the interconnectedness we all share: to the fish and river dwellers, to bird migrations and flyways, and to our own backyard with the three beautiful rivers we all love and depend upon. Our Chorale is named after them: the Rogue, the Applegate and the Illinois Rivers. Our very identity is tied to the water.  

We invite you to join the adventure and come hear the challenge and celebration of water on our watery planet.  

A portion of the proceeds of this concert will go to Southern Oregon Waterkeeper groups who help maintain the high quality of our watersheds.


“Thanks to the generosity of the Josephine County Cultural Coalition, the Illinois Valley Arts Council and the Oregon Community Foundation who contribute to our financial support”

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Previous Concerts


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On Sunday, April 15, 2018 members of the Chorale joined other ensembles from as far away as Melbourne, Australia to sing the music of Ola Gjeilo, composer- in- residence. 

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